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How AI Will Impact Cloud Computing In 2020

By 27th January 2020Blog2 min read

Cloud computing has been one of the most important technological developments of the last 15 years, enabling computer users to store information online so it can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time.

However, the technology is constantly evolving to keep up to date with other trends in the industry, and the latest progress could see more involvement with artificial intelligence (AI).

An article in Information Week made its predictions for cloud computing in 2020, with one of these being that AIOps will enable automation of multi-cloud management.

“Multi-clouds have already arrived in enterprises and AIOps is an emerging DevOps paradigm for automating management of clouds, software-defined networks, and every component of enterprise infrastructure management of multi-clouds,” it stated.

A greater number of AIOps environments will include intent-based networking, enabling business outcomes to be achieved through automated management systems.

The article also suggested that hybrid cloud competition would double down on AI performance benchmarks, with the trend moving towards atomization of clouds.

Forrester’s Dave Bartoletti also gave his predictions regarding cloud computing for the next year in Silicon Republic.

He stated that Azure’s main advantage is its general-purpose cloud development services, which includes machine learning and AI, as well as other emerging innovations.

Businesses wanting to update their IT support and services will find this information useful, as there are many benefits to using cloud computing.

These include saving money and time by storing data and files on the cloud and being able to retrieve these documents when on the go.