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Why do we need Firewalls?

A firewall is an essential component to all business’ security systems and is the digital equivalent to a security door. Without a Firewall, you are leaving your business wide open to threats and disruptions that can compromise not only the operation of your business but also the reputation and integrity of your business from a cyber-security breach.

A firewall can protect your data from being compromised by preventing unauthorised access to your computers and network.

Choosing a Business Grade Firewall

Just like security doors, not all firewalls are the same and they have varying levels of features and abilities.

Your standard home internet router, for example, will have an element of a firewall included, offering the most basic level of protection at the cheapest price point for the ISP, there will be little if any ability to configure rules or policies to control the flow of information. Whilst this is adequate for mass market consumers, businesses have responsibilities to protect their intellectual property, their staff and customer data whilst also supporting policies and requirements like GDPR, PCI DSS Compliance, Cyber Essentials and ISO controls.

Choosing a business grade firewall will enable you to meet those requirements.

A Fully Managed Firewall

Holistic IT’s Fully Managed Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is your all-inclusive approach to securing your perimeter network. We take away all the hassle and guesswork of securing your networks for you.

Holistic IT’s FWaaS represents the next evolution in Firewall technology that leverages advances in software, Machine Learning, AI and cloud technologies, to deliver a wide range of network security capabilities on-demand wherever businesses need it.

Essential for all businesses of all sizes, we include secure managed access and monitoring of all inbound and outbound traffic, to protect your users and customers from both internal and external threats.

Features and Benefits

Firewall threatmap showing blocked connections

Managed Mobile VPN Access with SSL

Take the hassle out of setting up and managing remote access to business-critical applications. VPN access allows remote users to connect to your internal network from anywhere in the world. You can rest assured that all data is secured and encrypted with the latest security.

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

By actively monitoring for threats, our IPS solution detects and prevents attacks adding an essential layer of threat detection and prevention to your business.

Web Content Filters and Application Control

A powerful solution for controlling and monitoring web activity across your entire business. Limit web application usage, and keep unproductive, inappropriate, and dangerous applications out of your network.

Gateway Antivirus

Gateway antivirus that provides real-time protection against known viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and rogue ware, stopping threats at the edge of your network before they reach your endpoints.

Reputation Based Defense

Stop access to bad or compromised sites using a global reputation-based list of known malicious sites and domains.

Patched and Maintained

As a fully managed service, all updates, fixes and tweaks are included. We handle all of the maintenance on the hardware and will replace for the latest hardware as needed all as part of the service.

Simple and cost-effective network security

Holistic IT’s FWaaS is as an integrated solution within an easy-to-manage and cost-effective appliance that is available as both physical and virtual instances. You never have to choose between security and performance.

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