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Living Your Best 2020 Digital Life

By 17th January 2020Blog2 min read

Every January a lot of us step out into the new year with grand promises of getting fitter, losing weight, cutting back on the drink, or perhaps it’s to declutter the house, have a purge, and start the new decade feeling fresh and free. But have you thought about your digital life?

The Evening Standard has a great list for helping attain ‘Inbox Zero’, or getting the momentum to finally launch that start up you have had in mind for too long. IT support experts in Doncaster have some tips to declutter your digital.

It can never be stressed enough, but change your passwords! Far too many people neglect this simple task, and worse, have the same password for multiple sites and logins. Ok, perhaps it’s not going to be you who gives away your credentials, but the risk always lies in a long forgotten site or service that you signed up to, and when they get hacked, you have a security risk.

Not enough people take full advantage of enabling 2-step verification where possible. It’s not infallible, but it adds an extra level of security that’s required.

A favourite bit of advice is to ask a teenager what their three favourite apps are. We all get used to the apps we have, and forget to explore and try new tools and techniques. Kids always seem to be ahead of the game with apps, so give them a try and see what you can discover.

For a digital detox, why not try deleting the social media apps off your phone, read a book on the commute instead. If you’re really missing Facebook or Twitter, or photos of everyone’s lunch on Instagram, then reinstall them. But give it a week, and see how much time you free up!

Hopefully, these tips will reinvigorate your digital life in 2020. For any and all IT support services and experts in Doncaster and beyond, get in touch today.