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Amazon Drive Shuts Down Cloud Service

By 30th August 2022September 12th, 2022Blog

Businesses who have been storing their data on Amazon’s cloud service have been warned it will cease functioning next year. 

Amazon Drive will no longer be available to use as a data storage solution from December 31st 2023, with users not being able to upload new content from January 31st, Amazon told customers in an email. 

People who use its apps on Adroid and iOS will not be able to access these from October 31st 2022, The Verge reported.

“We are taking the opportunity to fully focus our efforts on Amazon Photos to provide customers a dedicated solution for photos and video storage,” it revealed.

Although the cloud service, which was set up 11 years ago, will no longer function, the company intends to maintain Amazon Photos.

To retrieve data from the cloud, users should download them on to their desktop before they lose them forever. They can then upload them to another cloud service, once they find one that fulfils their needs.

Fortunately, Amazon has given customers over a year to transfer their documents and find an alternative storage solution. 

Despite this, there are bound to be disappointed users who enjoyed using the 5GB of free storage as part of their Amazon Prime membership. However, this is not enough space for growing businesses, and they will find they require more storage to keep their documents, photos and videos safe. 

There are lots of cloud storage solutions available these days, but How To Geek recommends IDrive for its data back-up, 5TB of space, and unique file versioning system. 


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