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Full Service IT Support

Ensure that your next IT Project runs smoothly, with dependable, expert support from Holistic IT.

Our multi-disciplinary consultancy team includes experienced professionals with a wide range of specialist skills. Whatever you are trying to achieve, you can depend on Holistic IT to help you make the right decisions, and to ensure that the project is completed quickly, efficiently and to the absolute highest standard.

Help with Every Project

The Holistic IT team has all the skills, capacity and experience to support your business on a full range of projects. We handle everything – from the planning stage to product supply, and on to final implementation, supporting you from start to finish with:

• Business expansion and relocation
• Cyber security
• Data security/GDPR
• Infrastructure projects
• Servers, storage and networking
• Cloud migration
• Specialist systems and software implementation
• Wireless

Our independent consultancy team works with businesses of all sizes, and in every industry. Whether you are lacking internal expertise/resources, or just want some extra support or advice from of an impartial, vendor-agnostic consultant, you’ll benefit from cost-effective, expert support from an experienced professional.

Why Holistic IT?

A multi-disciplinary team

Professional consultancy provided by time-served IT experts, with valuable specialist knowledge and extensive real world business experience.

Dedicated suppliers

As one of the UK’s leading IT product suppliers, we can provide hardware, software, consumables and cloud solutions to fit the needs of your project.

Vendor agnostic

We’re not tied to any manufactures or brand – so you’re guaranteed honest advice and impartial support on the right solutions.

Value added support

We aim to build long term relationships with our clients – by providing everyone with the best quality service and real value for money.

For additional information about Design, Planning and Implementation on IT Projects from Holistic IT, call 01302 23 50 50, or email info@holistic.it today.