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A Better Business Wireless Network

Get the fast, reliable wireless network your business needs, with full service wireless support from Holistic IT.

Whether you’re moving premises, switching systems or upgrading your network, we will help to ensure that your wireless network is right for every aspect of your business operations. From design and equipment supply, to installation and upgrades, we have you covered, providing an efficient, flexible consultancy service, quality wireless hardware and dependable support at an excellent price.

Your Business – Better Connected

Supporting businesses across the region and beyond on projects of all sizes, we can provide a full range of wireless services, including:

• Network design and planning
• Hardware selection advice
• Equipment supply
• Installation
• Maintenance and upgrades

Whatever your requirements, you can come to Holistic IT in the confidence that we will provide the right, cost-effective and high performance system – designed to meet the current and future requirements of your business.

Why Holistic IT?

The latest hardware

With access to all the latest hardware from vendors worldwide, you can be confident you’re getting the most appropriate, cost effective wireless solution.

Intelligent design

Our experience in designing wireless systems ensures that everyone in your business has the access, connectivity and bandwidth they need to perform.

Seamless service

Working around your business to plan systems, tackle problems and provide the right solutions, we will work to minimise costly disruption and downtime.

Value for money

Competitive pricing, transparent costs and value for money on the right hardware and the best solutions.

For additional information about Wireless from Holistic IT, call 01302 23 50 50, or email info@holistic.it today.