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Cloud Backup

Protect your business, keep your vital data and intellectual property safe and stay compliant – with Cloud Backup from Holistic IT.

Safeguard your business, secure your critical data, and ensure compliance with Holistic IT’s Cloud Backup solutions.

As specialists in cloud backup, we offer top-notch solutions tailored for organizations of any scale. Our services encompass protecting, backing up, and recovering data from both physical devices and cloud applications. You’ll enjoy a dependable, secure, and effortlessly managed backup system seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

In the unfortunate event of data loss, our swift and seamless recovery process minimizes business downtime.

We partner with the finest

We partner with top-tier backup and recovery vendors to ensure the safety of your business data. By leveraging the most secure solutions on the market, we provide unparalleled service to meet all your data protection needs.

Holistic IT is proud to offer Veeam-powered Backup-as-a-Service.
Holistic IT is proud to offer Acronis-powered Backup-as-a-Service.

Get In Touch Today & Start Protecting Your data.

Don’t worry, we’ll do all the heavy lifting!

Disaster Recovery

When things go wrong – every second counts. Get back on your feet quickly, with advanced business continuity and disaster recovery support from Holistic IT.

Our system means that when things go down, we can have you back up and running in minutes – providing secure access to all your business critical systems and the data you need to continue operations.

You will benefit from a cost effective solution designed to protect your organisation from the impact of accidents, disaster and malicious attacks – reducing costly downtime to a minimum and ensuring business continuity.

Why Holistic IT?

Unbeatable prices

Benefit from extremely competitive prices on both Asigra cloud backup and disaster recovery systems.

Award winning systems

Our award-winning cloud backup and disaster recovery services provide secure, reliable and responsive protection for your data and systems.

Quick recovery

Get your business back up and running in minutes should the worst happen.

Personal service

Responsive technical support and friendly customer service, on hand to help whenever you need us.

For additional information about Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery from Holistic IT, call 01302 23 50 50, or email info@holistic.it today.