Powering Productivity While Remote Working

By 18th November 2020Blog

The events of 2020 would more than likely have crippled the working world if they had occurred ten years ago, but we are fortunate that these days we are equipped with an array of tools that have helped minimise the disruptions inherent with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have hardware and software that has allowed us to work from almost anywhere, from cloud storage and backup systems to software-as-a-service and improved communication tools. But these are only part of the picture, and there are productivity challenges to be overcome for employees to work successfully across a distributed network.

Keeping these challenges in mind, and using the tools at our disposal in the right way to overcome them, is key to ensuring that remote working is sustainable in the long run.


Working together

A major shift in how we work is the lack of the everyday encounters with colleagues, whether it was a social chat in the kitchen or a chance encounter that happened to bring a solution or an idea for your latest project.

This kind of in-office collaboration has a value that can be hard to quantify. Fortunately, various cloud-based collaboration apps can allow us to share ideas and work closely, even if not physically close.

File sharing has kept colleagues working together with more efficiency than endless email chains and attachments.


Staying in touch

The casual conversations in the office kitchen were more than work-based collaboration, and the social side of our work lives was curtailed with the ‘stay at home’ orders. These interactions were easily overlooked, to begin with, but have increasingly added to the sense of isolation felt by many working from home.

Companies need to ensure their workforce feels connected, wherever they’re based. Video conferencing allows us to see each other’s faces, and weekly virtual meetings help bring people together and feel connected. It’s also important to allow for non-work-related catch-ups and activities to build togetherness.

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