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Are Current UK Data Protection Rules To Be Scrapped?

By 18th June 2021June 24th, 2021Blog2 min read

Back in May 2018, the GDPR rules and regulations came into force, changing how personal data is collected and processed – but it seems that, now we’ve left the EU, these rules are set to be scrapped and new ones implemented in their place.

A taskforce commissioned by Boris Johnson and made up of three senior Conservative MPs, recommended that the current data protection rules be replaced with a framework that supports growth and innovation, branding GDPR as “prescriptive and inflexible”, IT Pro reports.

The publication suggests that the UK now has an opportunity to reform rules, criticising the level of compliance obligations that businesses have to follow, as well as impractical consent mechanisms and rules limiting how firms can develop artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

It said: “The EU’s [GDPR] aims to give people protection over their data privacy and confidence to engage in the digital economy, but in practice, it overwhelms people with consent requests and complexity they cannot understand, while unnecessarily restricting the use of data for worthwhile purposes.”

The report goes on to propose that consumers and citizens are given stronger powers and rights, putting appropriate responsibility on businesses that are using data, while freeing up data for both innovation and in the public interest. It added that GDPR is now out of date already and needs to be changed to account for AI and growth sectors.

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