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Three Ways to Keep Your Remote Work More Secure

By 18th September 2020Blog, News2 min read

With so many people using online technical solutions there are increased risks for technical issues or cybersecurity that can cause losses of data and major problems for businesses, leading them requiring IT support services to get back online.

The good thing is that a few simple steps can help keep your data secure and your business running smoothly.


Use Strong Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication

A strong password, consisting of a range of characters (not just letters and numbers) is already a step in the right direction. Adding two-factor authentication to this will provide an extra-strong layer to ensure only you can access your account

With two factor authentication, an extra security measure is added to your login process. This can be as simple as clicking a link on an email or can involve codes or even additional hardware. The stronger steps you take with your account, the harder time a hacker has.


Be Wary of Social Engineering

The biggest threat to network security is social engineering. This is where the person behind the computer is tricked into giving away sensitive information such as passwords.

This can take many forms, including fake software and browser extensions, which according to Security Boulevard has increased by 36 per cent.

Always be suspicious of any forms you use to log in as well as any requests to install software, especially on work computers.


Update Your Anti-virus

This is as common sense advice as it goes but make sure your business has trusted cybersecurity software and keep it updated.