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Easier, Cheaper, Better – The Benefits of Managed IT Services

By 3rd September 2017April 3rd, 2024IT Support4 min read

Do you know the full cost of managing technology in your business? The average small business in the UK spends 6.4% of its revenue on technology, with 80% of this cost occurring as part of the ongoing management of hardware, software and IT systems.

The right IT systems should provide a strong platform for business growth – but in many cases, effectively managing these systems ends up being a drain on an organisation’s time and resources, distracting from the core business.

Managed IT systems are the alternative, and in this post – we explore how outsourcing IT can benefit organisations in terms of the time, effort, quality and cost.

What are Managed IT systems?

With a managed IT system, a business outsources the management of its IT to a specialist, remote team – there to ensure that the IT system is up to date and running as it should, at all times.

Ideal for small businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT team, and for larger businesses looking to support existing in-house IT teams or add capacity without employing additional personnel – it provides dedicated, remote support.

For a monthly fee, a Managed IT system provider will deliver a wide range of everyday IT services in your business, including:

Server monitoring and care ­

­Tracking, analysing and monitoring your network activity, and providing remote support to prevent and fix problems as soon as they occur.

Desktop monitoring and care

Keeping computers updated with the latest patches and security updates – keeping your IT running without impacting on business productivity or performance.

Mobile device management

Securing mobiles for safe use within your organisation, keeping phones updated, safe and controlled so they work for your business.

Network assessments

Regularly assessing the health of your network and letting you know when it needs to be improved or developed.

Security assessments and management

Reporting on the security of your systems, and advising when and where you need to make changes to protect your organisation.

It’s about keeping your networks and systems running as they should be, proactively protecting your business from potential problems, and fixing things when they go wrong – so you don’t have to.

Business Benefits of IT Managed Services

Outsourcing your IT management can deliver real business benefits in terms of:

  • Proactive support – a service designed to monitor all systems and prevent problems before they happen, minimising downtime.
  • Cost – delivering significant savings on manpower, as well as minimising the need for reactive IT support and consultancy.
  • Time and effort – cutting out the time, manpower and resources spent managing IT systems
  • Capacity – providing all the resources your business needs to effectively manage IT
  • Capability – dedicated real-time support from an experienced team of IT specialists at the forefront of technology.
  • Performance – keeping everything running, protected and updated at all times, so your business can perform to its full capacity.
  • Business continuity – systems designed to get your business back up and running quickly should anything go wrong.

Ultimately, it takes the stress, time, effort and hassle out of managing your internal IT systems, so they always work perfectly, and you can better focus on your core business functions and goals.

Managed IT Services from Holistic IT

At Holistic IT, we offer a fully Managed IT Service – delivered by a talented team of technology specialists. With the capacity, capability and experience needed to effectively support businesses of all sizes, we will help your organisation to take care of its IT day to day, providing a flexible service based on your requirements.

Choose Holistic and you will benefit from transparent, competitive pricing, a flexible range of services and responsive customer support, delivered by our expert team.

For additional information or to discuss your requirements, please call 01302 23 50 50, or email info@holistic.it.