Does your business have it’s head in the clouds?

Does your business have its head in the clouds?

It may seem like a silly question but when it comes to your business how much of it do you think could be migrated into the cloud and why?

Simple answer ‘the SKY is literally the limit’! The Cloud Industry Forum have recently reported that overall cloud adoption in the U.K. was at 88%. 

Cloud computing offers access to software, storage and services hosted on the internet rather than a local server or computer.

If you have not yet moved your services to the Cloud here are our top 5 business factors why we recommend it to our customers:-

1.    Working on the move – One of the major benefits of cloud computing is mobility. In today’s modern work place employees need the flexibility to work in the office, at home or on the move. With a cloud based system you can work from anywhere you have connectivity, it also increases collaboration within teams due to its ability to allow users to easily share real time data and updates. Cloud computing can also eliminate redundant or repetitive tasks such as data re-entry which may give you a competitive edge and free up valuable time.

2.    Cost – When it comes to considering operating costs the cloud is a good choice for SME’s.  You only pay for the services you use so choosing a package that suits your budget is appealing to many companies.  The overall costs to SME’s of migrating to the Cloud is very little and offers a great value for money solution. It can also reduce the amount of money spent on purchasing, powering, cooling and maintaining equipment.

3.    Security – Breaching the data security measures on Cloud platforms is difficult.  If laptops or computers are stolen the consequences for your business when it comes to data breaches or data loss could be disastrous for you. However, if your data is in the cloud, you can remote delete any confidential information or move it to a different account. Also advancing technologies to increase online cloud security is growing at light speed with the likes of two factor authentication, conditional access policies for BYOD, and live active anti-virus and malware monitoring are becoming more and more affective in the cloud.

4.    Flexibility – Using cloud services can also give you more flexibility and scalability as services can be added and removed when they are or not required giving you fluid control over your estate and costs, which tailors directly to your current needs and requirement.

5.    Disaster Recovery – Data loss or corruption is a major concern to all companies and most think they have everything covered when it comes to data security and back up, but should the worst happen such as virus, power outage, fire, theft or flood is your stored recovery data restorable? Or even physically still there? Does your company actually have a disaster recovery policy? With your data being stored in the cloud you will have the peace of mind to know your data is safe, guaranteed and readily available to be restored to your required destination for continued business operation.

If moving to the cloud is something your business is considering or interested to know more about then we can help you select the right solution to enable you to move faster, save money and achieve more by harnessing the power of the Cloud.

For a free no obligation consultation call our dedicated team on 01302 23 50 50 or email info@holistic.it and let us help you make the move.