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Clarion Housing Hit By Cyber Attack

By 10th August 2022March 25th, 2024Cyber Security2 min read

The online attack on Clarion Housing has reminded companies of the importance of good-quality cyber security, after the details of 1,400 households were left compromised.

Clarion Housing has revealed the large-scale “cyber security incident” that occurred last month has had long-lasting impact, as its IT systems are still not working adequately a few weeks after the event, Plymouth Herald reported.

Indeed, the UK’s largest housing association, has apologised to its residents for the “significant disruption”.

“As our work continues it is clear that the damage to our systems is extensive. This will result in a long period of disruption while we rebuild our infrastructure,” a spokesperson for Clarion Housing said in a statement.

Residents have been unable to pay their rent, exchange homes or book repairs since the incident in June, which impacted its phone, emails and website.

One of its 350,000 tenants told the publication: “It’s a shambles. I’ve been trying to exchange with them since February and still no further on, in a process that’s supposed to take 42 days.”

Another wrote on its Facebook page: “It’s been nearly five weeks now. It’s a joke, can’t sort the systems out but quick enough to moan and send letters for unpaid rent.”

Earlier this week, Clarion Housing reassured residents that its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was not accessed during the cyber security breach. This means customer data held here had not been seen or tampered with.

The housing association, which is behind the £22 million redevelopment of Barne Barton, is continuing to investigate the extent data held in other places has been affected.


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