Contract Terms and Conditions

This page contains links to all of our terms of business. To download the terms click on the required links below.

General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to the supply of all of our goods and services and the supplemental terms apply additionally to each service that is specified on our quotation/order.

Download General Terms and Conditions

Supplementary Terms – Subscription Services

These terms apply to our supply of Subscription-Based Services, which include:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Domain Name Registration and SSL Certificates
  • Anti-virus software (subscription)

Download Supplementary Terms – Subscription Services

Supplementary Terms – Co-Location Services

These terms apply to our supply of Co-Location Services, which include:

  • Co-Location of Client’s hardware in our Data Centre
  • Direct Internet Access from the Data Centre

Download Supplementary Terms – Co-Location Services

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