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Why Companies Must Invest in Cybersecurity and IT Support

By 15th July 2021Blog3 min read

Cybersecurity has evolved at such a pace, it is no longer the sole concern of IT departments, but now a serious business issue. But by integrating cybersecurity and IT support, businesses can gain a holistic advantage in navigating the complex threat environments of today.

Traditional antivirus software is not adequate for today’s cyber threats and IT support solutions should include firewalls, anti-spam, and content filters, as well as ensuring that businesses consider cybersecurity awareness and training courses for all staff, enforcing the fact that cybersecurity is everyone’s business, not just for the IT professionals.

We have some reasons why it makes sense to invest in cybersecurity and IT support at this time.


Risks Associated with Remote Work

The pandemic brought significant changes to how everyone works and going forward, almost every company will employ remote workers as part of their business model.

However, with this new world order, the threat to sensitive information and the risk perimeter of businesses and significantly increased. It makes good financial sense to invest in good IT support in Wakefield will provide companies with enhanced digital protection against potential security threats.

It also makes sense to engage services such as a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and to conduct a risk assessment to determine where a company stands in terms of cybersecurity.


Increased Productivity

A cyber attack can bring an organisation to its knees because if a company is unable to access its systems and networks, then it will be unable to conduct business, which will have a knock-on effect with customers and clients if the business is unable to deliver services or products.

This makes it even more critical to invest in the appropriate technology infrastructure to protect businesses from cybercriminals and attacks. It is also important to invest in employees, ensuring they have cyber incident response training and broad knowledge of cybersecurity that will also help boost productivity.

It is widely accepted that when employees believe their skill set is being enhanced and their employer is investing in their education, they are more motivated to perform well in their jobs. The investment pays off twice as much in cybersecurity training because the employees will be more motivated to perform at work.

Also, employees will possess the necessary knowledge to change their behaviour in a manner that is cybersecurity-friendly, meaning they will be less likely to click on malicious links, download suspicious files, and be more prepared to act appropriately in the event of an unintentional mistake.


Customer Confidence & Trust

When customers are confident that a business’s website is secure and have a track record of diligently protecting customer data, they are more likely to make purchases or purchase services. In addition, modern consumers are incredibly conscientious and cautious when it comes to data protection and security.

Customers and clients recognise the value of their sensitive data and the ramifications of its misuse. As a result, businesses that have integrated strong cybersecurity and IT support solutions into their daily operations typically perform better over time, as consumers feel more secure when transacting with them.


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