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UK Teens To Get Free Access To CyberLand

By 18th May 2020March 2nd, 2023Blog2 min read

The National Crime Agency has teamed up with Cyber Security Challenge UK to give students free access to the online platform ‘CyberLand’, to help learn and enhance cyber skills during the coronavirus lockdown.

CyberLand, created by Cyber Security Challenge UK, is a virtual city full of game-like modules that teach the basics of cybersecurity, such as firewall configuration and digital forensics, to 12-18 year-olds, reports Government Computing.

The platform is made up of 16 interactive exercises, designed to mimic the concept of shielding the virtual city from a cyber-attack. Access to the platform will be free until the end of September 2020.

National Crime Agency national cybercrime unit deputy director Jim Stokley said: “Many young people have a keen interest in technology and have developed impressive cyber skills. Part of our work in the National Cyber Crime Unit is to educate them on the laws governing cyberspace and prevent them from committing crimes while online.

“We’ve partnered with Cyber Security Challenge UK to offer free access to their online platform Cyberland where young people will find games that encourage them to improve cyber skills safely and legally.”

The National Crime Agency has said that the age of offenders arrested for cyber crimes is often much younger than other criminal activities, in some cases as young as 12. The analysis of data from the agency indicates that teens with an interest in technology can be sways towards cyber criminality, without having complete knowledge of the law.

The National Crime Agency said that a key objective of the Cyberland initiative is to give young people the scope to develop cyber skills safely, thereby mitigating the risk of them committing cybercrime offences inadvertently while being online.

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