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Top Cyber Security Trends To Watch This Year

By 24th February 2020Blog, News2 min read

All businesses need to be mindful of their cyber security and there are always new threats emerging that you need to protect your company from.

Security Magazine recently highlighted some of the top cyber security trends to watch as we move into 2020, citing information from the latest annual report from TUV Rheinland. The trends identified by the organisation don’t just relate to businesses, but to all aspects of society.

For example, one trend to be aware of is the rising number of ‘smart’ consumer devices, which are “spreading faster than they can be secured”. These smart devices are becoming an increasing target for cyber criminals.

Another area that’s seeing more cyber attacks is smart supply chains, with the news provider explaining that the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and new technology related to automation, robotics and big data management is making supply chains a target for hackers, who work to make ‘smart’ supply chains ‘dumb’.

Similarly, shipping is another area that’s increasingly prone to cyber attacks, with everything from ship navigation to port logistics vulnerable because of digitalisation.

Business 2 Community recently shared some examples of cyber security best practice that all companies should aim to follow.

The first step is to put more money into cyber security to ensure that you’re protecting your business and all of the customer data you have. Another thing the news provider recommends is introducing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to your systems, as well as using risk-based authentication.

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