Three Quarters of UK Workforce See Positives In Remote Working

By 14th September 2020Blog, News

Remote working technology has transformed the way we work in radical ways, but 73 per cent of the UK workforce has described the shift to working from home as positive.

As well as this striking statistic, 36 per cent also claimed that their productivity had in fact improved by working from home, according to a report by Culture Shift (as reported by the HR Director). Over half of those surveyed also reported that remote working has improved their work-life balance.

With a shift towards relying on IT support, cloud-based working and staying at home in order to keep safe during this global pandemic, several positive effects of working remotely have been reported.

Along with the striking overall statistic, a significant number of workers have said that remote working has improved their mental health (28 per cent), improved relationships with co-workers (31 per cent), had a positive effect on creativity (34 per cent) and improved the trust between managers and employees to get on with their job (44 per cent).

Whilst there are positives overall from working from home, there have been major implications for the IT support world. The requirements created by social distancing guidelines have forced nearly all technical support to be undertaken remotely, which has the potential to delay fixes.

Work has been heavily reliant on internet services, which has caused a spike in outages. Global network outages increased 63% between February and March according to a report by ThousandEyes, and whilst this has been improving, it hasn’t quite reached pre-pandemic levels.

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