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Third Of Brits Prefer Remote Working

By 17th October 2020November 18th, 2020Blog2 min read

Some British workers have relished the opportunity to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic that if they were asked to return to the office, they would refuse.

A survey from Data Solutions of over 1,000 UK workers has revealed that almost a third of Brits would consider resigning if their bosses demanded they return to the office permanently, according to iNews.

The report also stated that two-thirds are satisfied with the implementation of remote working, and not just in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, but going forward as well. Four in ten workers will be expected to return to full-time office work at some point, while a third will be offered a hybrid option. Less than a fifth of workers have returned to the office full time already.

The majority of those quizzed said they were happy with their company’s IT strategy in relation to working from home, but many believe it should be updated for the future.

Some companies have made the decision to invest in making the workplace COVID-secure instead of funding permanent remote working technology, despite that many employees have spent their own money in creating a stable home working environment, and reported increased productivity levels.

David Keating, Group Security Sales Director at Data Solutions, said: “There is still a huge amount of indecision about the future, as seen by the fact that 43 per cent of organisations have not communicated their plans to staff in terms of returning to the office. This really needs to become the focus now.”

He added that while uncertainty for the way we work remains, the old ways are now gone for good, and the ‘new normal’ needs to be enacted with a clear strategy, investment, and proper communication.

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