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The Cloud ‘Provides Business Continuity’

By 7th June 2022March 25th, 2024Business Continuity2 min read

There are many benefits of cloud services for companies, but perhaps the most important is business continuity – being able to carry on operations despite a cyber security threat, loss of data or IT failure.

As a business’ data is kept on the cloud, it has a backup of all the activities and documents that are being worked on. Therefore, if there is a glitch, a ransomware attack or a cyber security breach, an enterprise’s downtime can be significantly reduced as everything has already been saved on the cloud.

According to an article in Tech Target: “This enables mission-critical applications to run even if the organisation experiences data centre issues.”

Critical data can also be better protected with the cloud, as it is stored off site. Therefore, if the data centre is attacked, this is unlikely to impact the most important information.

Businesses that have been hit by a Denial of Service (DoS) attack know how damaging they can be, shutting down the network so it becomes unusable to workers or those trying to access it.

Cloud services, however, can protect against this, reducing the impact of a DoS attack, as they can scale to meet demand.

“An organisation might be able to use cloud resources to reduce the effect of the attack, so business can continue as normal,” it stated.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, it is essential businesses have a response plan to mitigate against DoS attacks to ensure the service can “continue to operate, albeit in a degraded fashion”.


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