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Teachers Report A Lack Of Cybersecurity

By 14th August 2020Blog2 min read

Research by non-profit organisation Internet Matters, which was set up by parents to keep children safe on the internet, has revealed that 51 per cent of the teachers quizzed believe their schools have not done enough to prevent cybersecurity problems.

At a time when schooling has had to be shifted online from home during the pandemic, over half of the respondents were unsure or disagreed that their school was sufficiently equipped to tackle hackers and other cybersecurity issues. Tech HQ recently reported that cybercriminals are ready to take advantage of the weaknesses in remote learning infrastructure.

Internet Matters surveyed over 1,000 teachers and discovered that 36 per cent have received no information from schools on cybersecurity, and only 20 per cent having received some training after the lockdown was imposed.

45 per cent of teachers stated that they feel their students have a better knowledge and grasp on cybersecurity than they do.

Carolyn Bunting, chief executive of Internet Matters, said that the research highlighted how internet safety needed to remain a top priority for parents, as technology plays a bigger part in children’s lives.

“Following lockdown, children are relying on their devices to socialise, for their downtime and increasingly, for their education,” she said, “We’re urging parents to familiarise themselves with cybersecurity risks head-on this summer as children’s use of connected devices is on the rise and devices remain vital to their education when they return to lessons.”

The survey was in collaboration with cybersecurity company ESET, who noted that cybercriminals are constantly evolving their methods, and organisations that work with young people need to be better equipped to tackle issues.

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