It’s good to talk

By 25th June 2019Blog, Holistic IT, News

It’s good to talk

Back in February we attended for the first time The Doncaster Business Showcase.  I think it’s fair to say that the team were surprised by the amount of people in the room from all kinds of different backgrounds and sectors showcasing the best of what they had to offer.  The day was a huge success and we met some great local businesses that we are now working with.

It is often said that networking is a waste of time a meeting about a meeting, or lots of talking and not a lot of working.   Our marketing team have recently been gathering feedback about our services and one of the biggest themes coming from our customers is the fact that the team here at Holistic listen to what they want, take time to have the conversations that matter and deliver solutions that work for their business.

As we strive to be a business that delivers solutions, exceeds targets, has a great marketing strategy, offers the latest innovations and partner with the best vendors we can often overlook one simple fact.  It’s good to talk.  The conversations we have at places like the Doncaster Business Showcase often lead us down paths in our local business community that had never occurred to us.  We may meet new customers but we also meet people that can offer us services that we need that in turn enhance what we can offer our client base.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here.  We are a company that is growing with a great sales team but the important thing is we are not growing so fast that we stop having the conversations that matter with our customers or we stop talking to others in our local business community and lose sight of what is important to us.

When gathering feedback it’s easy to look at numbers and the bottom line but also not forget what the ethos of Holistic is and how we are achieving success in our business and that is excellent customer service and taking the time to talk and listen.

In the coming months we want to open up our doors more to the local business community and use the opportunity to keep you informed about our products and services, how we can serve your business and help you move forward from a technology perspective.  We also want to continue to help Doncaster grow, it’s a great place to work and the business showcase was absolute testament to everything this area has to offer.

We would love to hear from you if you are a local business interested in attending an event to hear about what we can offer and in turn have the opportunity to network with others and tell us about you do.

Please get in touch with our marketing team marketing@holistic.it and tell us about what the technology issues are in your business and how we can create an event that would help you address them.