Is BIGGER always better when it comes to outsourcing your I.T?

Is bigger always better when it comes to outsourcing your I.T?

Here at Holistic we don’t think so.   Choosing an I.T provider that enhances your business is essential and that may not always be the first company that springs to mind.

When companies are looking to outsource I.T services it is easy to think that big is best but often they are a victim of their own success and their processes can make you a small fish in a big pond. When they have so many clients it becomes a numbers game and often customer service can suffer.

We have been in business for 15 years and pride ourselves in choosing quality over quantity. We get to know our customers by taking time to understand and review their needs and challenges around business operations, we don’t limit the amount of time and number of visits we make to ensure we are providing the best solution always at the best price.

So, what should you look for when outsourcing you I.T support and services?

  • Make sure your I.T provider takes the time to get to know your business. They should be interested in what your business does and how technology can enhance both user experience and drive efficiencies. At Holistic you have direct access to our engineers on the help desk should you have any issues, we can also tailor packages and cover to suit your business operational needs even 24×7, we also specialise in remote monitoring so that we often know of problems before you do, is your current provider doing this?
  • Are they also a trusted advisor in helping you to plan for your future technology and projects? It is important that your I.T provider roadmaps your technology infrastructure. The last thing you can afford is something designed and installed that is not synchronised with your growth or future goals.
  • Last but probably most important are they qualified? Being in safe knowledgeable hands is important, just because a company is big does not necessarily mean their engineers have the relevant qualifications. Holistic are proud and committed to ensure that our learning is constant with maintenance of current vendor certifications and taking time to research new emerging technologies and getting qualified.

I.T can be stressful when it goes wrong, but our team will be there to guide you every step of the way through the process of reinstatement. We love I.T and we are at our happiest when we get things right for our customers.

Choosing Holistic I.T you are guaranteed of an efficient friendly service that puts customers at the very heart of what we do delivered by people that own the business and passion for each job.

If you think our personal approach may be the way forward for you, we would love to meet you and hear all about your business, plans, projects and aspirations. We can offer a free, no obligation on site review of your I.T to help you understand where Holistic can partner with you to make sure your I.T never gives you a headache.

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