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How investing in Email Security can make you money?

By 2nd February 2021April 3rd, 2024Cyber Security, IT Support2 min read

What if investing in our Email Security solution will not only help protect your business from malicious email, but show a return on the investment!

With all organisations wanting to maximise staff productivity, save money and most importantly keep company data secure.  It is easy to look at an investment in email security as another cost! But, with the increasing threat from hackers bombarding companies with malicious emails, and an average security breach costing small businesses £11,000 or more (according to the recent statistics from the Government) can you afford not to take your Email Security seriously?

So how does investing in Email Security not only pay for itself, but give you an ROI?

Figures from Statista show on average 54% of daily emails are SPAM, and most employees spend on average 16 minutes of wasted time a day sorting through them.

For example – if an employee is paid an average just £10 per hour, that means your business is losing over £56 per month per employee on wasted time sorting through SPAM, with the added risk of opening a potentially malicious email.

The more staff you have the more it is costing you, e.g. for 20 employees spending 16 minutes a day each, it equates to over £1,128 each month in wasted time by staff.

The investment of our email security itself is less than 9% of that amount per month.

Our Email Security platform will not only save time and in turn money with it’s advanced SPAM filtering and quarantine features, but there are a wealth of other security benefits to protect your business including:

✔  User Self Service Portal for quick and easy management

✔  Web Link Protection to check for threats from links sent via email

✔  Deep scanning of email file attachments

✔  Sandboxing to assess threats before they arrive

✔  Protection against spoofing, impersonation and CEO Fraud

Contact us today to find out more, discuss pricing and to calculate exactly how much SPAM email is costing your business in wasted time!

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