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Home Office Upgrades You Need To WFH

By 4th January 2021April 3rd, 2024IT Solutions, IT Support4 min read

While the arrival of multiple vaccines gives everyone a hint of the light at the end of the tunnel to the pandemic, those of us who have been working from home will likely continue to do so for many more months yet at least.

With the realisation that for some a full time return the office many never happen, it’s definitely time to sort your WFH setup into something more permanent and productive.

Creating a dedicated workspace and getting the right equipment will be beneficial to your productivity and state of mind, and help create the separation of work and home.

We have some tips to help you invest in the right equipment upgrades and the right set up to make both work and life easier.


An ergonomic chair

There’s a second pandemic, one of bad backs and stiff necks from slumping over the coffee table, and that lower back pain will affect both your work and your everyday life.

A comfortable ergonomic chair will be designed for maximum lumbar support and minimise back pain and allow you to focus.

Quality speakers to bump productive tunes

Music is therapeutic and can help you relax, feel energised and will also improve productivity. A good quality Bluetooth speaker will allow you to fill your office space with good quality audio and help drown out any distractions.

A smart assistant to save time

Offices have admin assistants and executives have personal assistants to help with reminders about meetings, calls, and deadlines. Trying to keep on top of all that on your own can be frustrating and exhausting, distracting you from the work you need to be doing.

Thankfully, smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant can help set appointments, book meetings, create to-do lists and more. If you’ve only ever used Siri as an egg timer, now’s your chance to see how helpful it can be.

An ergonomic keyboard to give your wrists a break

If you’re using your personal home computer or laptop, it might not have the same ergonomic peripherals as the PC or Mac in your office, and the last thing you need after a long day is wrist and hand strain from craning your hands onto a keyboard and mouse. Ergonomic office accessories can reduce wrist strain, increase comfort, and keep you focused on the task at hand.

A computer upgrade

That ancient laptop that previously was only used for Netflix might be straining to keep up with being used for work every day, so it might be time to invest in a new, fast, shiny computer. You’ll find that applications work better, web pages load faster, and your productivity is boosted no end.

You could go for a new desktop computer, or if you prefer a laptop, consider getting an external monitor to give you a larger screen to work with.

A newer computer will also be more secure and help protect against cyberattacks.

Make the office yours

Your home office should be a representation of who you are, so make it your own, and inject some personality into it. Get plenty of natural light, or daylight lamps, plants for cleaner air, photos of loves ones, art prints, and create a work haven you enjoy spending time in. The only consideration you’ll be left to make is pants or no pants?

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