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Firms Warned They Must Upgrade Cyber Security

By 21st June 2022March 25th, 2024Cyber Security2 min read

Many firms in Yorkshire may feel they have done plenty to equip themselves to stave off any cyber attacks, but an expert has warned it is crucial never to stand still, as new threats continually emerge and existing ones evolve.

Writing for Tech Radar, chief marketing officer at Wallix Group Edwige Brossard advised that a range of factors will make constant updating necessary, not least as firms adopt more hybrid working.

She identified several key areas as requiring particular attention; IT specialists themselves will have to keep up with the latest developments. Mobile phone traffic security will be a priority. Supply chain gaps will need to be monitored as this area is being increasingly targeted. Finally, she said it is vital to “double down” on endpoint security.

All this may seem onerous and Ms Brossard acknowledged: “Upgrading and adjusting to new security regulations and threats is no easy feat and establishing best security practices across the organisation does not happen overnight.” However, she added, this is vital as firms have a responsibility to partners and customers to protect their data too, as well as laws to abide by.

Faced with such a challenge, many a small firm could see this as a task that is beyond them. But failure to meet it will leave them as an easy and tempting target. That is why getting IT support services from outside makes sense, ensuring your firm is not at risk of falling victim to the latest emerging cyber threats.

Cyber security is also something that affects a wide array of businesses than might once have been the case. While years ago it might have been a concern for people working in office based white-collar jobs, it now matters on the factory floor as well.

Writing for the Manufacturer earlier this month, product solution and security officer UK and Ireland for Siemens Paul Hingley said manufacturers are “significant targets” for cyber criminals, with motives for attack ranging from disruption of operations to industrial espionage.