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Ensure Remote Employees Have The IT Support They Need

By 16th February 2021Blog3 min read

The migration to remote working might have been forced by the pandemic and the need for the lockdowns in the UK over the past year, but it has proved to be a preferred way of working for many, both by employees and employers. Many companies have found that remote working has boosted staff morale and productivity.

However, despite the positive aspects of remote working and how much it will have forever changed the way we work, it is not all rainbows and unicorns. Remote working has presented many companies with technical challenges and hurdles to overcome, especially when it comes to IT support.

We have a look at some of the ways to ensure that IT support can be assured for remote workers.


  1. Facilitate remote IT support

With any IT issue. It should be a priority to get it resolved as soon as possible. However, it might not be currently possible to conduct in-person support, which makes it essential that you have IT support that is fully trained and able to provide remote support.

They should be able to contact the employee by voice or video calls, or by chat or a messenger app, and be able to offer the best-suited solution by giving clear and simple directions to facilitate a faster resolution.


  1. Offer 24/7 IT support

Remote working means that employees have much more flexibility with their working hours, and might not fit into the 9-to-5 office hours model. This means it could be likely that employees will need IT support at any time. Offering 24/7 IT support will mitigate any potential delays from teams needing to wait until office hours to resolve a problem.


  1. Incorporate stringent security protocols

Remote working has seen a massive increase in cybercrime as hackers take advantage of businesses rushing to enable teams to work from home, often on unprotected networks and devices.

Your IT support needs to be proactive in training and prevention, not only working to halt any potential attacks but educate your remote workforce that it is also their duty to remain vigilant and aware of the threats posed by ransomware and malicious links in phishing emails/messages.

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