Cyber Security ‘Just As Important In Lockdown’

By 29th May 2020Blog

The coronavirus pandemic has forced lots of businesses to close their doors and staff have had to work from home to limit their exposure to one another. As a result, there have been many IT hiccups along the way, with employees struggling with remote access to documents and video conferencing technology.

However, one area that cannot be overlooked by businesses, even though their workforce is not in the office at the moment, is their cyber security.

Just because employees are not accessing their documents at work, this does not mean the data they are editing is safer from hackers. In fact, working from home increases the risk, as companies do not have as much control over who is able to access personal internet networks.

Byte Start emphasises the importance of cyber security technology for remote workers, saying: “The key for maintaining cyber security lies in harnessing the appropriate technologies and installing clear processes to guarantee employees know how to maintain vigilance against cyber-criminals and handle corporate data securely.”

It advised taking advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) so staff have to input a password as well as another piece of information, for example a one-time code.

Companies were also recommended to make sure their teams are properly educated on how to protect themselves against suspicious activity, as they do not have their IT teams nearby to consult when they are working from home.

Video calls, which happen regularly, can also put cyber security at risk, which is why it is wise to keep information about virtual meetings quiet, while hosts should keep track of who is present during each call.

Telecom Paper also suggests checking workers’ own devices to make sure they are not vulnerable and have an inventory of hardware that is being taken out of the office, sweeping for viruses and malware before employees begin to use them.

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