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Cyber Security: AI Or Human Involvement?

By 9th July 2019Blog2 min read

When it comes to cybersecurity, would you feel more comfortable with artificial intelligence (AI) running the show or would you prefer for tasks to be carried out by actual humans instead?

New research from Palo Alto Networks and expert in the human nature of cybersecurity Dr Jessica Barker has revealed, interestingly, that 26 per cent of people would prefer for this to be managed by AI instead of people.

A further 25 per cent think that cybersecurity should be the responsibility of law enforcement, while 28 per cent said they thought it should be down to the government. Making it a priority could offer greater peace of mind, however, with 44 per cent saying that cybersecurity technology allows them to spend less time worrying about personal data loss.

“The results of this study provide some key takeaways for businesses. It’s important that they take into account perceptions of technologies like AI and Internet of Things when developing new products and services, as well as getting ahead of new threats targeting the next-generation networks they will rely on.

“Building and maintaining trusted capabilities will only be achieved through prioritising cybersecurity and data privacy, and communicating openly and honestly,” Palo Alto Network’s VP and CSO EMEO Greg Day said.

Given new figures showing that there has been a steep rise in the number of cyber incidents reported by the financial sector, businesses across all industries would perhaps be wise to start making investments in this regard sooner rather than later.

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