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Could Your Small Business Benefit From The Cloud?

By 11th December 2019December 17th, 2019Blog2 min read

With 2020 approaching, we are all more familiar with using cloud services on a daily basis. As 5G networks roll out in the UK, and across the world, we have never been more, and faster connected than ever before. What can cloud based IT services and support do for your small business?

The cloud refers to a centralised internet location from which data can be be stored and retrieved from any location with a connected device. It has been embraced by businesses large and small for its many benefits. Banks and financial institutions make use of cloud services to reach a growing global customer base.

Storage of data and files on the cloud, as opposed to on-site servers, can save a significant amount of money. Being able to access documents on the go, that might not have been otherwise easily accessible, saves time for those on the go, severing the need to be permanently office based. It’s an attractive proposition, even for small non-technical businesses.

Instead of the need to keep on-site servers and file systems updated with the ever changing and growing IT landscape, the cloud can adapt to whatever your business needs, and most cloud based applications keep themselves updated, also saving time and money for the business.

Files are kept secure from power outages, and backups are kept off-site, safe from theft, malfunction, and localised emergencies such as the recent flooding in the UK.

One of the greatest benefits is the ability for mobile working, being able to pick up where you left off with work on the cloud, whatever your location. No requirement to carry files and data when away from the office, or the trouble with emailing large files.

If you’re ready to invest in cloud IT services and reduce costs, start small, and see the benefits without major changes to your infrastructure. Got in contact today for IT experts in Doncaster and across Yorkshire.