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Cloud Computing ‘Helps Companies Develop At Speed’

By 23rd October 2019Blog3 min read

Companies that want to keep up with their customers’, clients’ and employees’ demands when it comes to technology need to adopt a complete cloud computing infrastructure to achieve these goals.

This is according to Smarter CX, which said modern cloud computing services exceed the capabilities of Data as a Service (DaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Nowadays, businesses want these to integrate together, which will streamline and simplify the process, and improve the speed and abilities of IT networks in the office.

It stated that doing so will help “organisations to innovate at cloud speed”, as they would have continuous access to the latest technology solutions; they would benefit from quicker responses to changes in technology and customer expectations by understanding their needs and demands better; and they would be able to take their technologists away from maintenance tasks and use them for more important IT jobs.

When this is all put together, businesses will be able to “accelerate the speed of their innovation”.

In addition to this, customers and clients have high expectations when it comes to technology these days. For instance, they expect organisations to recall every previous interaction they have had with them.

Members of staff also have high expectations, anticipating that their company will provide the technology to help them meet clients’ demands. They also typically want to interact with their company and colleagues easily online and on their handheld devices, accessing their documents at the touch of a button.

The future of cloud computing services in the UK could also require the use of artificial intelligence (AI), as more technicians want computer parts to be automatically replenished following services, while also helping to identify product flaws before customers report dissatisfaction with them.

By utilising AI more, this would enable them to focus on innovative technology tasks that could really help progress the company and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace with regards to its digital capabilities.

According to Smarter CX: “An integrated next generation cloud infrastructure and application suite makes this possible, with one source of truth for one seamless experience.”

One country that certainly seems to be appreciating the importance of cloud computing technology is China, with the sector growing exponentially in the Asian country lately.

A white paper released by the Institute of International Technology and Economy recently revealed China’s cloud computing industry is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan (£32.68 billion) by 2023.

This is a significant increase from last year’s figures, when it reached 96.28 billion yuan, Xinhuan Net recently reported. While this is extremely high, it is less than a tenth (eight per cent) of how much the industry is worth in the USA.

The document also anticipated that the enterprise and government cloud adoption rate in the country will be more than 60 per cent in three years’ time, as a result of its increasing dependence on technology.

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