Boost WFH Success With Technology

By 26th July 2021Blog

The world is reopening after the pandemic, and we are all eagerly awaiting ‘Freedom Day’ on 19 July. But the move to remote working is far from over, and any people will be continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future.

It means that the need to keep people connected remains, and it is important for companies to invest and integrate the improved technology to help boost remote jobs, as well as find more efficient ways for IT teams to help remote workers solve their tech problems.

We have a look at different ways to make use of technology to improve remote work in your organisation.


  1. Make use of chat apps

To help make remote work succeed, it’s vital to consider teamwork, as team members help motivate each other and achieve greatness.

Using chat apps will help remote workers and teams feel more connected, as they are then easily able to consult each other on any issues. Chat apps can also connect multiple teams, allowing collaboration on different projects. Chat apps also allow for document sharing, which saves on paper and ink expenses.


  1. Video conferencing

A disadvantage of remote working for managers is the inability to be able to monitor employees, and many may be working for hours without communicating with another co-worker. Video conferencing allows managers and supervisors to be in better contact with remote workers and lets them check on their progress.

  1. Document’s sharing for better collaboration

Using applications to edit documents in real-time is a real game-changer for remote workers. They can now go through projects efficiently hence ensuring productivity with time.


  1. Firewalls and VPNs

Security is a very important factor to ensure success in remote working, as cyberattacks spiked in 2020 with the move to remote working, and companies risk losing essential and sensitive data due to cybersecurity compromises.

A firewall will protect your network and give you and your employees the peace of mind that they have a level of protection.

Remote work has many cons and pros; although involving technology does not clear all the cons, it helps boost your chances of succeeding in your remote working venture.


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