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Another Potential Lockdown Looming? Free Working From Home health check.

By 25th September 2020November 18th, 2020Blog, News1 min read

Potential lockdown looming…? Take a free Working From Home health check.

Is your business ready for the 2nd wave and prepared for home working?

With the latest news indicating there could be a 2nd lockdown, here are a few things that you might want to review in preparation for your staff working from home:

  • The efficiency of personal workspaces at home, are you making the most of your home workspaces by utilising laptop docks and larger screens?
  • Are headsets and webcams needed for web calls?
  • Can home workers access business files and data securely?
  • Have you updated your business’ computer security policy for home worker computers (BYOD)?
  • Do you have enough business computers available for home working?
  • Can your tech support cover access to none business computers?
  • Can home workers access and use your business phone system?
  • Do your home workers have good internet service at home to support their needs?

Contact us now for a free Working From Home health check.

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