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A Remote Work Best Practice Checklist

By 24th April 2020March 2nd, 2023Blog2 min read

As the coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to set up remote working for their employees, companies must be prepared to transition towards remote-heavy operations. Whether it’s providing the correct IT infrastructure, or ensuring workers have adequate training, businesses need to follow a remote work checklist.

While many businesses already have some work from home policies, the current crisis has meant many companies have been scrambling to digitise their entire workforce. It’s essential not to make careless mistakes that could create security breaches or slow down operations.

Follow our checklist, and prevent mistakes happening.

1. Know what devices are being taken out of the office

Perform an inventory of all the devices owned by the business that will be taken out of the office. Assess how many devices will be needed by employees, and perform a sweep for viruses and malware, as well as making sure all software and firmware are updated.

2. Onboard employee-owned devices

If employees are planning on using their own devices for remote work, then the devices need to be checked for vulnerabilities and checked they are ready for official use.

3. Create a device management system

Before you let an employee take a device out of the office, ensure that you have a device or mobility management solution and that it’s configured to recognise the device. Modern management tools can remotely secure and control devices, letting your IT team keep an eye on things from anywhere.

Step 4: Establish a line of communication

Applications like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams allow your company to inform the workforce of anything important. Also, employees can report malfunctioning devices or emergencies.

Step 5: Keep an eye on what’s working — and what isn’t

The COVID-19 situation is the perfect time to determine how well your company runs with employees working out of the office. Your company can figure out how remote work impacts your business and if it delivers benefits like higher employee satisfaction or productivity.

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