The results are in!

The last few months our marketing team have been focussing on our customer feedback here at Holisitic HQ.  We are a business that strives to keep our customers happy and we always look to gain valuable input from our Customers to keep building on our success.  Reading the feedback has been very enlightening so we thought we would share our top ten customer service tips as given by our customers.

  1. Listen to what your customers are saying. They know their business better than anyone.
  2. Be available. Nothing worse than working with someone who never responds to that email!
  3. Know how to apologise when you get it wrong – none of us are perfect but holding our hands up is appreciated by customers.
  4. Anticipate customer needs. When carrying out big projects our customers tell us they like it when we deal with an issue before they see it coming.
  5. Treat your staff well. Our customers have noticed our ethos and they like the happy atmosphere we have created.
  6. Say Yes – customers don’t want to be face with a brick wall at every request, if we can do it we do it.
  7. Be fair – customers don’t want to be ripped off. Quality came out more important but fair pricing is up there in our customer feedback.
  8. Ask for feedback – so many of customers have said they like our feedback campaigns.
  9. Be patient – customers are approaching us as experts don’t expect them to know everything.
  10. Last but no means least – say Thank you!

A huge thanks to all our customers who have contributed to giving us feedback, it’s a pleasure working with you all.

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