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Trend Micro
Powerful virtual appliances that don’t shock the environment

Ask yourself these questions:
  • How can you stop web threats before they penetrate your organisation – Do you know?
  • How can you improve business continuity by lowering the time to protect users – Do you know?
  • How can you optimise existing server investment and reduce operating expenses – Do you know?


The problem of web threats is all too real, and keeping up with these ever changing threats can be difficult. Their ability to adapt rapidly to avoid detection by traditional scanning methods makes it difficult for a growing number of infrastructure systems to keep pace with the risks. This can result in web threats entering your network, stealing your customer data, degrading productivity, and hurting your bottom line.
With a move to virtual and software appliance solutions from Trend Micro you can upgrade your protection cost-effectively in response to your changing business needs – saving on time, money, space and environmental impact.
For further information on Trend Micro’s comprehensive Software Virtual Appliances simply contact one of our Solutions Specialists.

What next?

Contact a Solutions Specialist to obtain prices or talk more about evaluations and proof of concepts


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